Mundo Surreal

domingo, 17 de maio de 2015

You went to the supermarket yesterday. I know, you usually go there on Thursdays afternoon. You parked you car under that tree which we accidentally met. It was Thursday, I remember. Your bags tore and your apples fell down rolling through the park. You just watched it. My heart was rolling too, first inside my chest, then through my belly and legs, until finally tear my skin and touch the ground to join your apples. Such events were funny for you and you smiled.
"Is your heart ok?"
"Yes, I think". But it wasn't.
"Well, let me take care of him"
And you took my heart and gave me an apple to put in his place. However, I think you someday got confused and ate my heart. Thenceforth I've been lived inside you and when I think in that my apple throbs, strong, inside my chest.

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